Future Fit – Performance Management

  • Performance and development management application.

  • Set and review monthly/quarterly/ yearly targets.
  • Make appointments with managers and employees.
  • Keep track of performance and development progress.

Goal Management

Set meaningful goals and targets that are understood by all relevant parties. Employees will have context as to why these individual goals matter and how they are furthering organisational objectives. Employees will care much more about their roles and be much more engaged when they know and truly understand how their job matters.

Goal setting should be a collaborative process. Future Fit provides a goal-setting facility that is straightforward, easy to use and tracks progress. Managers and employees are able set goals that are aligned with organisational strategic values and can use them to set departmental targets, as well as their own goals for the long- and short-term.

Goals/Targets can be directly derived from role profiles and job descriptions, to allow employees to extract the most value from their current positions. Connect KPI’s to individual targets, maximizing the contribution of every employee. Future Fit’s goal-setting module includes the following processes:

  • Goals Setting
  • Goals Tracking
  • Measurable Goals
  • Customizable and Configurable Goals
  • Dashboards
  • Alerts and Notifications

Performance Evaluation

The performance evaluation is a review based upon an individual’s job performance and assigned goals. A supervisor can look at an employee’s development during a specific time period and track whether the employee has lived up to expectations, exceeded them or failed to meet the desired results. The performance evaluations provide a stepping-stone for the employee and supervisor to identify and discuss areas where performance can be improved. It can also be an important opportunity for employee and manager expectations to be reinforced or clarified.

Among the variety of functions is a 360-degree feedback tool. Easily collect and record 360-degree appraisal data. The HR team can relate the survey questions that have been prepared in advance with the flexibility to create their own. The HR team can also send out status updates so that all parties are up to date. Produce summary reports after the entry of the data. These reports can be especially useful for managers and employees alike.

At the end of every review cycle (monthly, quarterly or yearly), managers and employees will be notified. Managers will be able to score their employees’ performance over the past term and employees will be able to self-assess their own performance, where after a final review score will be determined. Future Fit’s performance evaluation module includes the following:

  • Self-Assessment Tool
  • Competency-Based Assessment
  • Performance-Based Review Tools
  • Performance Tracking
  • Configurable Appraisal Forms
  • Sign-In and Sign-Off
  • 360-Degree Feedback
  • Automatic Alerts and Reminders

Development Plans

Future Fit offers individuals the capability for skills development, as this provides additional motivation for them to improve their performance. If employees want to advance, then this also serves as a good way to get them to the next level.

The system enables employees to upload their own skills development documents, we offer the possibility of integrating external libraries of an organisation, in order to enhance employee education. This part of the performance management system allows employees and managers to detail the expectations relating to what they should work towards and achieve in the future, as well as capturing any associated information about potential future training needs, promotional opportunities or other development-related topics.

When individuals use these facilities, they are showing that they’re keen to improve themselves and grow as an employee. It helps the organisation retain its employees for a longer period of time, as there is a defined career path that they can follow. Future Fit’s development plan module includes the following:

  • Content Management
  • Learning Management
  • Training Management
  • Coaching
  • Mentoring and Feedback

Reporting Analytics & Timesheets

The system prompts employees to hold regular discussions with their managers about their performance. Shortly after these take place, the key points from the discussion can be noted using reporting features. Individuals can record any performance-related ideas and suggestions. This is easy to do anytime, in addition, there are facilities to include any attachments to the relevant data.

Managers can analyse and consolidate real-time data about their team members. For example, you might want to measure the impact of a training initiative on the team’s performance as a whole, as well as individually. You may also want to look at performance trends and identify any inconsistencies in the system. There are countless other analytics reports that would be useful, so find out what the flexibility is for creating them. Exporting features are available for all analytical data. Furthermore, it easy to keep track of every individual’s progress and to determine whether they are engaging in the organisational growth processes. Keep time logs of every individual in the organisation Future Fit’s reporting and analytics module include the following:

  • Multiple Reporting Options
  • 9-Box Reporting Tool
  • Employee Performance Related Report
  • Talent Analytics
  • Performance Analytics
  • Workforce Analytics
  • Comprehensive Dashboards


Start-Up Cost Once Off R25 000
Future Fit Software
(Up To 100 Users)
Per Month R7 500
Future Fit Software
(Up To 200 Users)
Per Month R10 000
Future Fit Software
(Up To 300 Users)
Per Month R12 000

* The pricing model works on the basis of a 24-month payment schedule, payable upfront per quarter or per month. The installments include all application maintenance and updates including updates in new technology.

Talent Tracker

  • Track development progress of employees

  • Set development areas, cross functional exposure & key projects

  • Learning & Feedback

  • Coaching & Mentoring


With the talent tracker application, employees can take their personal development to the next level. With this application, employees have the opportunity to take responsibility for their personal growth within the organisation. The application helps you to set and track an interactive and dynamic development plan.

One of the most important things to consider when creating your PDP is an accurate way of measuring your success. Not only will this app be a great way for employees to prove their knowledge and skills, it will also keep them motivated to succeed – and allow them to up their game or adapt the plan if things aren’t moving in the right direction. Tip: Always ensure that goals are realistic, and have a clear timescale.


In today’s era, career growth is no longer linear. Even while upskilling oneself, a vertical approach within a single job function will not ensure continuous growth. Rather, only by skilling oneself by understanding functions beyond one’s own domain can one ensure professional growth.

However, cross-functional skills entail developing a working knowledge of all areas of the business, especially the roles, goals and needs of the various departments. This is entirely possible and is in fact, necessary at the top levels. For instance, leaders at the senior management will have cross-functional skills and working knowledge of all areas of the business. That is how they become capable of steering the company towards a profitable goal.

The talent tracker assists employees to set their cross-functional goals and for managers to track their progress and give feedback.

Coaching & Mentoring

Employees can submit their coaching preferences and have a coach/mentor assigned to them. Coaching and mentoring an employee makes them more valuable to your organisation by developing and enhancing their skills—both professionally and personally. By being interested in the growth of your staff, you’re showing them that you care about their progress. And this can increase their loyalty to you. Some businesses coach and mentor. Some choose one method over the other. Whichever you prefer we’ve got it covered.

Employees can set up meetings with their coaches, add agendas and minutes. The system keeps track of all meetings and check-ins, providing valuable trends and data to top-level management.


Start-Up Cost Once Off R30 000
Talent Tracker Software
(Up To 100 Users)
Per Month R7 500
Talent Tracker Software
(Up To 200 Users)
Per Month R10 000
Talent Tracker Software
(Up To 300 Users)
Per Month R12 000

* The pricing model works on the basis of a 24-month payment schedule, payable upfront per quarter or per month. The installments include all application maintenance and updates including updates in new technology.

Playbook Learning Management

  • Interactive Learning

  • Assessments & Feedback

  • Stunning Visuals

  • Rich Text, Images & Videos


Organizational leaders have realized that in order to sustain a more knowledgeable and productive workforce, employee learning must be an ongoing focus. Choosing the right learning management system (LMS) can help achieve this goal. There are certain benefits and features that an LMS can offer that will make corporate learning more effective:

  • A central user portal for all users, administrators, and course creators to securely login and complete tasks.
  • Experience API (Tin Can API) compliant content management system built-in for authoring content and adding elements.
  • LMS training system that involves event management and scheduling capabilities that direct users through specific learning plans.
  • Certificates, learning badges, and profiles that learners can share to prove their knowledge.
  • Automated test scoring and performance management systems based on user behaviors.
  • Live classroom and webinar environments for remote instructors and students, client presentations and more.
  • Technical and course development support, including built-in tutorials and lesson plans.


Interactive learning is a more hands-on, real-world process of relaying information in classrooms. Passive learning relies on listening to teachers lecture or rote memorization of information, figures, or equations. But with interactive learning, users are invited to participate in the conversation, through technology (online reading and math programs, for instance) or through role-playing group exercises in class.

Our Playbook LMS offers users to enjoy an interactive learning experience. Organisations can develop their own content and display it in a creative and dynamic fashion. Get employees involved with the current trends in the business. Lastly, receive feedback on where every individual stands in the organisation.


Playbook Per Page R180

Online Assessement Profiler

  • Online Testing & Assessments

  • 8 Certified Assessments

  • Dynamic Backend

  • Analytics, Trends & Rich Data


When given to prospective or current employees, assessment tests are intended to describe aspects of an individual’s character that are relevant to their job performance. Whereas aptitude tests assess whether a job candidate can perform a job, the profiler tests address the question of whether the candidate will do the job: in other words, they assess job fit from a behavioral perspective. Does a candidate have behavioral traits that are statistically linked to success in this job? Is he/she likely to be happy or comfortable in this role? Research has also shown that these assessment tests can be especially useful in predicting job performance in those jobs that require frequent social interaction (with other employees, the public, or customers).


The Profiler System has a wide variety of tests/assessments. Assessments range from personality type to conflict management and competency assessments. This system offers a detailed look at the employees of the organisation. Troublesome areas can be identified and addressed. Businesses can determine whether an employee is fit and competent for a specific role or not.

Top-level management and human resources can easily see trends of the employees in the business. A well designed back end gives administrators access to rich data, trends and analytics.


Profiler System Once Off R40 000

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