Many employers use annual performance appraisals as a tool to inform employees of the value their work has added and their various development areas to focus on. This is usually done once a year and is the only time employees receive feedback from their managers. As a result, opportunities for timely and relevant feedback are often missed. Furthermore, according to, South African employees nationwide expressed their dissatisfaction with performance management systems over the last 5 years.

We can see that the past few years have highlighted the importance of being hands on & connected to your employees in order to ensure the Future Fitness of your company. Consequently, we assembled a digital performance management application that would move any institution forward and create a system which will foster forward thinking and continuous feedback in your business.

What is our solution?

The Future Fit Performance Management Application

Future Fit is a performance and development management application set to review monthly/quarterly/yearly targets, make appointments with managers & employees, and keep track of performance and development progress throughout your business.

What does Future Fit offer?

• Align individual goals to the organisational strategies and values.

• Realtime insights on performance and development data.

• Facilitate continuous coaching, skill development, goal progress and feedback.

• Active involvement in employee performance and development life cycles.

• Analytical data at your fingertips.

• Empower employees and managers to set aspirational goals and transparently track progress.

This is a tool to empower any business for future success. Contact us for more information on how we can take hands with you.

At Tenubah Technologies, we believe in developing fruitful software solutions that will set your business apart. Move to digital performance management systems to make your business Future Fit.